It's been a while



This spectacularly (and somewhat surprisingly) successful blog has been languishing for the past 10 months. Rejected by it's author, it has still steadfastly held its place in the cyber world.

Every time I would sit at the computer, I could sense it staring back at me, its virtual nose against the screen. Forlorn. Forsaken. Sobbing little pixelated tears.


Well, I got a job that's why, a job that for the first part of the year took up waaay too much time to even consider blogging anything. I could not have blogged the not so adventurous activity of the 5 steps from the front door of my apartment to the elevator.

My work load has changed now.

Apart from having the time to blog regularly, I'm also 16,000 words into a novel - don't get excited, it's not funny, and I'm not sure if I like where the story is going. I'm calling it my practice novel.

At 16k it doesn't yet qualify as BEING a novel, I think it's still in the realms of short story, once we pass 20,000 it'll be a novella - apparently. All sounds a little ummm.. well... unnecessarily complicated, doesn't it?

Back to the matter at hand though.

Long time readers (if there are any of you left) will remember the coffee project undertaken in 2009. A local magazine published the top 5 best coffees in Abu Dhabi, and I, as a coffee lover, was excited...

Coffee here in the middle east at that time pretty grim, so I took it upon myself to try out the best that Abu Dhabi has to offer, and in a very short time found that the person that had created the list had all but phoned it in, just getting to the places was an issue as the directions were vague or completely inaccurate.

Once the venue was found though the disappointment set in - the coffee was average at best and poisonous at worst.

I mercilessly lampooned the publication for months. They took it on the chin, and were pretty good natured about it, the editor even saw fit to respond offering an explanation of why they chose who they chose.

2 weeks ago the Same publication - Abu Dhabi Week - released a revised "Best coffee in town" list.

It was this list that reminded me I should blog again - primarily because the list is pretty vague in spots (one of the places is described as being on a street that is 5 city blocks long - that's all the direction offered.. the street) AND because apart from a couple of obvious choices, the rest of the list is... well not what you'd expect to be at the top of a pretty select heap.

SO, dear reader, we are back in the saddle.

I lost my sidekick from the last coffee project, Ms Line and her hubby have bailed on back to Ol' Blighty BUT her place will on occasion be taken but the small but mighty Kim. Kim has just started her own blog, and while it's not ready for reading (I'll tell you when it is) it will be a good one.

Strap in folks. Today is our first adventure out... stay tuned!

In the mean time please head over to the contents list on the right of this page and browse the coffee project (or anything that takes your fancy).

Might pretty the place up a little over the ensuing weeks as well. We'll see.

Happy new year!


  1. Yay for being back in the blogging saddle!

    But a much bigger yay for the 16,0000 words down on paper. No mean feat. I know this.

    One of my blogs (the non spfx one) has also been fact I thought it was dead...had given up writing for a bit and was a bit meh to the whole blogging thing. But last night an idea began to rub itself up against the back of my mind, slinking there may be a new blog entry sometime soonish...maybe less blog more poetry...

  2. Welcome back!
    We at Coffee Planet were quite surprised not to be found in that list as we have opened our second coffee shop in Abu Dhabi and the third coming in the next 2 months.
    We also opened our brand new roastery in Jebel Ali which you or any of your readers are welcome to come visit - just drop me a mail on to sort a time.
    Next time you're on a coffee mission in AD then give us a shout and we will welcome you to Coffee Planet!

    Have fun!

  3. Hey, thanks for your comments guys... much appreciated.

    I will absolutely take you up on that offer. Really looking forward to checking out the facility, and meeting some of the good folk at Coffee planet.

    Interested in trying out the new coffee shop/s as well. Feel free to reply to this post with the locations.

    For those new to the party, Robert is involved with Coffee Planet - if you've ever walked into an ADNOC petrol station, you will have seen one of their fine machines.

    In the previous Coffee project I named the one at the Mushrif ADNOC on 30th 'Charlene'. I still go back to see her from time to time, and she doesn't seem to mind that I have developed a new relationship with one of her sisters at an ADNOC on 4th.

    Check out 'Coffee in Abu Dhabi - it's a real problem' post for more information.

    As to Robert's offer - I've met him (albeit briefly) and he's a nice bloke - and passionate about coffee. Shoot him an email for more info about the roastery OR anything else coffee related.

    YAY yourself for coming back to the writing fold. Seems a shame to spend all those years honing your writing skills, only to ... well... do anything else. Or at least not dabble, if that is your want.

    SO woohoo!

    Keep us all posted here at abudhabilist - the prettying up procedure is going to include a blogroll, and it's going to need blogs to go on it...



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