Essential resources, books and links.

There are literally thousands of different books, blogs, and 'helpful' sites on the big circuit board of info that is the internet.

Some are really helpful, in that they actually hand over information that is relevant to the experience of living here in the great sandy climes.

SOME are really helpful in that they can be used to stabilise a coffee table, or in the case of blogs and sites, printed then used to stabilise a coffee table.


Go somewhere, get drunk and dance.

Arrival at Tribhuvan airport, with 3 glasses of wine under my belt was great.


The fight to Nepal.

All went to the usual schedule for our departure to the airport.
In that, I was ready. My bride working on her standard theory that as she had banked time by checking in on line, she had no need to hurry at all.


Check your tyres, but be nice about it.

“Honey?” I said to Mrs Ad-ist, “How long has the car been shuddering like this?”


Kiss me like you mean it.

I’m a hugger.

I’ve always been a hugger.

I’ll hug anything:  cats, dogs, people of any gender, trees, Triumph motorcycles.

Hubbly Bubbly - mind the smoke...

It would be fair to say that over the last couple of years this fair blog has been, well, critical of many businesses here in the sandpit that I call home.

So, we have a dog now.

Yup, a dog.

Etisalat, you've done it again - only, not to me this time.

I (surprisingly) have a couple of posts coming up that involve AWESOME service, here in the UAE.

I’ve been pretty fair in my past posts and actively avoid being too gushy about places I like... but a couple of things have happened over the last week or so that have left me gobsmacked.


More complaints - this time with added bitchiness.

Right, back in to the fray... about complaints, again.

La Brioche - Into the wilds of KCA, by bus.

Over a cup of tea, the day before the project:

“Do we have to go by bus?”
“Yes, that’s the plan”


Etisalat - The Epilogue

I know that there are alot of folk waiting for the continuation of the coffee series BUT, I have this post blocking my thinking process, so best get it out.


Etisalat - 13 days and counting.

I will admit to being a little smug as I squinted through the cloud of shisha smoke at one of my smoking companions.


Dome coffee - A mall somewhere

“Oh NO!”
“Oh no, oh no, oh NO!”

We were standing in an elevator at Al Wahda Mall, and on our way to review our second coffee place in as many weeks. Kim was alternately leaning to look at her reflection in the stainless steel sheen that was the interior of the elevator, and hugging her shoulders vigorously.


Second Cup - it's on a street somewhere.

My new coffee side-kick sent me a text the day prior to our coffee-based review that read, among other things:

“When are we starting the coffee project?” along with information about what her cat was doing in an effort to clean it’s nether regions.


It's been a while



This spectacularly (and somewhat surprisingly) successful blog has been languishing for the past 10 months. Rejected by it's author, it has still steadfastly held its place in the cyber world.