To observe without offending...

It seems everyone is so touchy these days...

I often read forums, some I am actively involved in, some I simply lurk at - lurking being a term used for people who stay in the shadows to view rather than to contribute..

It seems that every week another topic will surface that begins as an innocuous subject - that quickly turns into some beat up or other.

SO having witnessed flame-fest after flame-fest I have decided to put the next significant post(on people who complain) in for yet another re-write.

Primarily because, in order to cover the concept of the archetypical whinger, there is a little bit of ...
...ummm... finger pointing at a country in particular.

First write was ace.

Then I binned it.

The second used too many personal examples.

I binned that too.

The last version is done. Now I'm going to wait for a couple of days at least.

I'm still pretty sure people are going to be angry, or at least a little miffed - but I'm not renowned for being subtle, a talent that if adopted might mean that I'd have significantly more people who'd call me for a coffee date.

Will see how it runs tomorrow.

Or maybe the next day...

In the mean time I'm endeavouring to get more done overall.

AND a new project.

A project that YOU can be directly involved in.

News as it comes to hand.

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