I'm going to store it.

I can't pare the the promised post down any more.

Well, I could, but what is the point of an observation when I can't poke a bit of fun at it along the way.
So I'm going to leave the post on: 'Complaints, and the nationality that makes the most' for another time. Perhaps even another blog.

A blog that would encourage vitriolic sprays, rather than the good humoured rants that go on in this fair space.
See the problem is that I can't make the post sound like I don't hate the English. Which I don't (except when they  demonstrate at the end of a Rugby-Union match that they are either gracious losers or atrocious winners).

No I don't dislike them at all - oh except when the first thing that comes out of their mouth is something about my being from a prison island.

I GENUINELY like them except when it becomes obvious that their entire knowledge of Australia is based on the adventures from Ramsay Street, or Summer bay.

err... sorry, got carried away... :-p

Really though, I know too many English folk here, and I'm not concerned about my dance-card being emptied - it's never full, it is out of sheer respect for people I genuinely like that I am withholding the post.

Yup, that post is going to be pondered. Or maybe sent on privately to Australian friends for them to nod sagely over and perhaps add to.

So - I'm going to get on to another post - the mainstay of bloggers here on the little desert island:
Driving - I think I have the answer. Or at least have found the problem.


  1. Try living in the UK where everyone looks at you like you are bonkers and says 'why did you come here?' Irritating to say the least...


  2. Just post it Drew, I REALLY want to read it :) Here was me thinking you never shied away from voicing your opinion :( In the words of the all powerful GOD of sport - Just Do It


  3. Kym - I KNOW, it's just such a wonderful country, but here is the conundrum. They'll happily complain about it and everything in it... but have an Australian offer a thought or 2 and all of a sudden they turn like rabid wolves! LOL

    Line: It's not about shying away specifically, usually my opinions are direct and pretty obvious - but the English a a funny mob... but... oh okay.. I'll take another look at it to see what I can salvage.



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