I hope this isn't a permanent thing.

Have just got back from visiting 'Charlene' at the ADNOC... it appears that there are not currently any large cups.

One of the regular guys there saw me staring blankly at the machine trying to make sense of it all, and kindly informed me:

"No big cup sir, only medium"
I stammered, "There..there will be more big cups w-won't there?" feeling that my and Charlene's relationship was about to take a turn that neither of us had been prepared for..
"No, No big cup sir.. medium only" he repeated, I guess to reinforce the fact that staring bleary eyed at the machine I loved so much WON'T make the large cups appear.
"Yes but... there are more on their way though.. more big cups come?" I was obviously distressed, and as a result I don't know whether his answer was based on the fact that there were more on order, OR that he feared I might fall to my knees, moaning.
"Yes, yes sir"
Then he moved carefully off while I attended to my MEDIUM cup.
So - Coffee Planet machine company of Dubai, if there aren't any yet ordered - the ADNOC on 30th near the end of 19th and 21st Streets needs large sized cups... NEEDS them.. and therefore so do I.

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