Attack of the Abu Dhabi street cats.

We are fortunate enough to be looking after a couple of cats here in the wilds of Abu Dhabi... if only for a few days.

These little guys were rescued by fellow expat Sarah Darmody when they were newborn and abandoned by their mother in a park near Sarah's building.

Not an easy task. A 2 hour feeding schedule that lasted for weeks meant she was pretty much under house arrest. In addition to the "Need to feed" baby cats are unable to defecate OR urinate without their mother licking their bellies so our heroine had to look after that duty as well (I'm pretty sure Sarah adapted a new technique using a moist towel used in a rubbing fashion.. not on her tongue.. on the cats.. oh come ON, you get the idea)

Now, a couple of months later they are happy and healthy little kittens and WE get to look after them for a few days.

I like to think that I know a bit about cats.. but I never realised they were really into basketball, the image below was a brief moment in what was about 20 minutes of TV watching.

Too cute.

Going to try hard not to flood with "too cute" kitten photos.

Behold the wonder that is the Arabian Mau - UAE's own street cat - being introduced to basketball on Dubai2.

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  1. hahahaha...v. cute and funny! We had cats that used to watch the tennis on the tv...


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