Loose nothing to translation - more paperwork fun.

As with all countries, all bureaucracy begins and then relies on the quality of its paperwork - and here is no exception.


Attack of the Abu Dhabi street cats.

We are fortunate enough to be looking after a couple of cats here in the wilds of Abu Dhabi... if only for a few days.

Zyara Coffee - this time with added Line.

"I'll tell you where it is if you let me come :)"

A simple enough statement, and while it kinda felt a little like blackmail, it also sounded like a good idea.


I hope this isn't a permanent thing.

Have just got back from visiting 'Charlene' at the ADNOC... it appears that there are not currently any large cups.


Coffee @ Zyara Cafe, Abu Dhabi - attempt one: epic fail.

It seems that I may have found a flaw in the AD Week's "Best 5 coffees in Abu Dhabi".