"Le Brioche" Number 2 on the list, the quest for coffee continues.

Number 2 on the "Abu Dhabi Week" magazine's top 5 cafes was Le Brioche, a small chain of coffee shops here in the capital.


The One - First on the awards list so first on this one as well.

I figured that, in order to keep my sanity, I'd go to the top o' the "Five best coffee shops" list that was published in Abu Dhabi Week (Vol 2, Ed 23, Jun28-24, 2009) in my hunt for a cup of the good stuff.


Need more than just one person's wide eyed experience of the Capital of the mighty UAE?


Movies in Abu Dhabi? You bet... and they serve nachos.

Going to the movies is fun, only here in Abu Dhabi, there is a different set of etiquette.

Below is an open letter to the manager of the cinema's at Abu Dhabi Mall.

Medical testing - Cough please, and sign here.

In order to get our residency completed, the government agencies require that there is some kind of proof that we, as prospective citizens, weren't bringing the pox or the plague, or.. or.. COOTIES to this fine land.

We passed, or they didn't do the right tests...