To drive or not to drive... just get in the car.

We waited for as long as we could to get a feel for the way the traffic flows, and sat in the front of taxi's to get our heads around the steering wheel being on the opposite side to where we were used to. Then we made other excuses: too hot, cold, early, late - finally we took the plunge.

It didn't hurt a bit.


Life as a pedestrian

Road accidents involving pedestrians are common, partly due to the speeds involved, but also due to lack of concentration by the pedestrians themselves.


Getting some wheels.

As mentioned in the traffic post ... the traffic here is, at first, terrifying.

The Ikea adventure... we laughed, we cried...

We, like many expats, had to make the decision as to whether we would:
A: Ship all our furniture over.
B: Use the money allocated to us for relocation to simply buy all the stuff we needed here, and fill our home with exotic things from the middle east.

We chose option b.

And went to Ikea.


Documents and passport photo's: survival guide.

There is a tag line that I saw at the bottom of a post on a forum site that reads something like :

"Leap...And the net will appear!!! (In AD however you may need 10 signatures, 5 photo's and 6 Stamps:)"

I like it - because it's kinda true, but taken with a tongue in cheek attitude, and that attitude being the important bit.


Getting stuff delivered - it's fun, really....

You wouldn't think it would be too hard would you?

Well in essence it's not, it just may be very different to the way you've ever had anything delivered before.
See, the thing is...

There's no street addresses. Or at least no one has any clue what a street address is, or indeed what reference it has to you and where you live.


The search for big electrical goods.

We looked and we searched and found that everything, price and model wise, were much of a muchness at least in the bigger commercial stores.

The things you do to rent a house.

Depending on the economic climate you find yourself in, housing can be expensive OR extortionate. It's just the way it is, no-one likes it (except maybe the landlords), but really, that's renting.