Complaints and the people who make them.

Alright alright already... the complaint post, in edited form - enjoy



Floods and stricken Hummers.

The rains came a couple of weeks ago, and flooded just about any area that could be defined as a street, or the areas next to the streets...and houses... and 2nd floor apartments apparently.


Prague - it's not all about beer.

The first steps in exploring any new town are exciting, and for us it was made even better by the cool air, something we were enjoying immensely. So cool in fact that I had to wear a jacket.


Customer service - the devil is in the lack of detail.

Some may think that I set out to lampoon businesses here on this desert island of Abu Dhabi.

I can assure you that I don’t, it’s just that most of the time they appear to TRY to get poked at.


Prague - At last.

Look, this is not going to be all about planes.. I promise.

Jones the grocer - maybe timing is the answer

Right, given that the last post was sooo well received (there’s only a hint of sarcasm in that comment, the email was divided between me being bias - both for and against) AND because I dearly want this place to succeed, as becoming a full time tea drinker is becoming more and more a reality, I decided to head back to Jones the Grocer.


Escape from AD - part II

Karma and I have a talent.

One that we haven’t seen fit too cultivate, it just seems to be hard wired to deploy any time we get into an airline check-in queue.


Jones the Grocer - bustle is the answer.

To say that there has been an air of anticipation regarding the opening of this fantastic shop would be an understatement. The fact that it is an Australian franchise has made me (prior to actually going) more than a little biased.


Prelude to Europe - Escape from Abu Dhabi

The plan was pretty simple, take 3 weeks off and head to Europe for a break, take in 3 countries and their capital cities.

Eat Food.

Drink Beer.

Be tourists.


CDR - the promised coffee post. The baseline of the coffee list.

This happened to me, I own the experience, it has become part of my very being (as all dramatic experiences have a tendency to do). It was months ago, but the memory still lingers and sometimes I wake in the wee small hours, screaming... screaming ...


Idioms - the top 5 is complete

Look I know it has taken me a while to get the final installment in but I've been doing a bit of writing/commenting on other sites, and I think that has been dicking with my natural daily word limit.


The art of bargain hunting.

Dubai based UAE blogger, Moryarti from the Dubai Consumer Mirror had an interesting conversation with a sales clerk at a Co-op, an excellent little snapshot of promotional techniques that are fundamentally broken, but seem to continue as a means of shifting product - primarily I suspect because they work.


Loose nothing to translation - more paperwork fun.

As with all countries, all bureaucracy begins and then relies on the quality of its paperwork - and here is no exception.


Attack of the Abu Dhabi street cats.

We are fortunate enough to be looking after a couple of cats here in the wilds of Abu Dhabi... if only for a few days.

Zyara Coffee - this time with added Line.

"I'll tell you where it is if you let me come :)"

A simple enough statement, and while it kinda felt a little like blackmail, it also sounded like a good idea.


I hope this isn't a permanent thing.

Have just got back from visiting 'Charlene' at the ADNOC... it appears that there are not currently any large cups.


Coffee @ Zyara Cafe, Abu Dhabi - attempt one: epic fail.

It seems that I may have found a flaw in the AD Week's "Best 5 coffees in Abu Dhabi".


"Le Brioche" Number 2 on the list, the quest for coffee continues.

Number 2 on the "Abu Dhabi Week" magazine's top 5 cafes was Le Brioche, a small chain of coffee shops here in the capital.


The One - First on the awards list so first on this one as well.

I figured that, in order to keep my sanity, I'd go to the top o' the "Five best coffee shops" list that was published in Abu Dhabi Week (Vol 2, Ed 23, Jun28-24, 2009) in my hunt for a cup of the good stuff.


Need more than just one person's wide eyed experience of the Capital of the mighty UAE?


Movies in Abu Dhabi? You bet... and they serve nachos.

Going to the movies is fun, only here in Abu Dhabi, there is a different set of etiquette.

Below is an open letter to the manager of the cinema's at Abu Dhabi Mall.

Medical testing - Cough please, and sign here.

In order to get our residency completed, the government agencies require that there is some kind of proof that we, as prospective citizens, weren't bringing the pox or the plague, or.. or.. COOTIES to this fine land.

We passed, or they didn't do the right tests...

To drive or not to drive... just get in the car.

We waited for as long as we could to get a feel for the way the traffic flows, and sat in the front of taxi's to get our heads around the steering wheel being on the opposite side to where we were used to. Then we made other excuses: too hot, cold, early, late - finally we took the plunge.

It didn't hurt a bit.


Life as a pedestrian

Road accidents involving pedestrians are common, partly due to the speeds involved, but also due to lack of concentration by the pedestrians themselves.


Getting some wheels.

As mentioned in the traffic post ... the traffic here is, at first, terrifying.

The Ikea adventure... we laughed, we cried...

We, like many expats, had to make the decision as to whether we would:
A: Ship all our furniture over.
B: Use the money allocated to us for relocation to simply buy all the stuff we needed here, and fill our home with exotic things from the middle east.

We chose option b.

And went to Ikea.


Documents and passport photo's: survival guide.

There is a tag line that I saw at the bottom of a post on a forum site that reads something like :

"Leap...And the net will appear!!! (In AD however you may need 10 signatures, 5 photo's and 6 Stamps:)"

I like it - because it's kinda true, but taken with a tongue in cheek attitude, and that attitude being the important bit.


Getting stuff delivered - it's fun, really....

You wouldn't think it would be too hard would you?

Well in essence it's not, it just may be very different to the way you've ever had anything delivered before.
See, the thing is...

There's no street addresses. Or at least no one has any clue what a street address is, or indeed what reference it has to you and where you live.


The search for big electrical goods.

We looked and we searched and found that everything, price and model wise, were much of a muchness at least in the bigger commercial stores.

The things you do to rent a house.

Depending on the economic climate you find yourself in, housing can be expensive OR extortionate. It's just the way it is, no-one likes it (except maybe the landlords), but really, that's renting.